If you are a landlord, property management company or hotel operator, your best defense is to have a professionally prepared, written Bed Bug Action Plan which includes education, preventative detection using inspections, and well maintained archives of bed bug activity in your location. For landlords and apartment owners this may also involve a ‘Pre-Rental Inspection’ wherein pest control technicians will inspect and confirm that a location does not have bed bugs at move-in time. These steps can help you establish if a bed bug infestation is the result of tenant, their travel patterns or behavior.

Move in / Move out Services

As a property manager it is crucial for you to establish that your property is free of bed bugs at the time a tenant moves in. Being able to establish that a residence is bed bug free at the time of lease will protect your rights and financial obligations as a property manager in the event that unit later becomes infested. Pest Control companies such at Stop Bugging Me Pest Control offer  solutions that establish the condition of the unit at the time of move in by conducting a pre-move in bed bug inspection. At the time of inspection, often a letter will be provided stating that on said date, no bed bug, and roach, rodent, etc. activity has been found. This service will secure your rights and reputation, and the accompanying paperwork will establish a proper timeline and provide peace of mind for both you and your tenants.


Property managers should work to properly educate current and prospective tenants on how to Avoid, Identify and Notify management of bed bug infestations. These educational devices provide the foundation for a proactive, positive engagement between tenant and management. 

Avoid Cross Contamination:

One infected apartment can become 2 or more. As a property manager, speed is your best ally. Bed bug infestations are known to expand quickly, and those that are left to linger the longest are usually the worst, costliest, and most time consuming.  Bed bugs can move out of one residence and into another through windows, electrical outlets, ventilation ducting, or right out from under the door in an effort to find a new home. Treating and/or monitoring multiple rooms or units with adjacent walls is often a recommended course of action.

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