Rodent populations will continue to increase in conditions that allow easy access to food and shelter. Sanitation efforts in conjunction with rodent proofing provide the best solution to reduce or completely eliminate these conditions.

Below are some simple steps you can take to stop rodents from making your home theirs…


Rodent-Proofing your home whenever possible is a critical step in controlling rodents. Ideally, you can control rodents by making it impossible for them to gain entry to your home. However, it may be difficult to exclude mice completely since they can pass through ¼ inch openings, approximately the size of a dime. Rats can squeeze through ½ inch openings or the size of a nickel. Any of these possible rodent access points must be inspected.

Rodent Access Points

◊ Repair all holes and cracks in foundation, walls, basements and such.

◊ Equip doors and windows with fine-mesh, well-maintained screens.

◊ Chimneys should be capped.

◊ Seals around all exterior lines leading through walls must be tight.

◊ Cover vents with metal grill-work and rust-resistant screening.

◊ Concrete

◊ Caulking

◊ Copper or Aluminum Mesh

◊ Coarse Steel Wool

◊ Hardware Cloth – 19 gauge

◊ Sheet Metal – 26 gauge thickness