Winter is in full effect in Seattle. We’ve already experienced some strong winter weather conditions – from below freezing temperatures to flooding rain levels and winter advisory warnings on the passes (skiers and snowboarders rejoice!) In fact, we’ve had more snowfall than Philadelphia, which usually gets about 2 feet of snow a year.

As we continue to experience cold temperatures in the greater Seattle region, you may see a decrease in the amount of pest activity on the exterior of your home. However, winter weather conditions may cause outdoor pests like rodents, spiders and ants to head indoors in search for warm hiding spots.

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Rodent and mice activity tends to peak in late January, depending on temperatures, as they search for warm shelter and food sources. A few of their favorite hiding places include basements, crawl spaces, and attics. Other invading pests like spiders can be found in undisturbed areas such as attics, cupboards and under furniture.

While ant colonies are known to forage later in the year, colonies are active year-round and carpenter ants in particular continue to excavate wood and reproduce, even when temperatures are low. Since 2010, odorous house ants have been known to emerge months earlier than they have in the past. Historically they’ve been known to emerge in the early to mid-march time frame but since 2010, infestations have been detected in early to mid-January. If you’ve experienced these nuisance insects in your home before, make sure you’re diligent with scheduling services to prevent future infestations.

Lastly, while flea activity is the heaviest in warmer temperatures, they can still be found in the winter, especially in areas where flea eggs were laid in the spring and summer and were undisturbed for some time. Flea eggs can lay dormant for up to 10 months but can be stimulated awake by a disruption in their environment. It’s important to continue your flea treatment regimen during the colder months to avoid higher infestation levels when the temperatures increase.


If you are experiencing a winter pest or rodent issue, be sure to give us a call. We can explain service options – from a consultation to full attic and crawlspace clean out services. Our Stop Bugging Me Pest Control superhero technicians will make sure your winter months are left undisturbed.

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Winter pest activity: rodents, mice, carpenter ants, odorous house ants, spiders, springtails and fleas.