Wildlife Management

Mitigate damage to your home and protect the safety of you and your family with Stop Bugging Me Pest Control’s Wildlife Management Services.

Stop Bugging Me Pest Control offers wildlife removal and management services for animals including raccoons, birds and squirrels.

Stop Bugging Me Pest Control’s Wildlife Removal and Management Procedure Includes:

  • Inspection: Assessment of the situation and wildlife issues at hand.
  • Selection: Based on the initial assessment, technicians will select the best management options tailored to specific wildlife species.
  • Removal: Safe and humane removal of wildlife from the home or business.

Adhering to our best practices, Stop Bugging Me Pest Control technicians will work with the home and business owners and management to ensure the wildlife problem is solved in a way that minimizes risk to the environment as well as the animals. Our decision-making strategy balances concerns about safety, humane treatment of wildlife, landowner and business owner rights, the protection of wildlife populations and habitats, and other ethical, legal, financial and aesthetic issues.