Beetle at Lake Chelan, WA

This little Beetle was found on the window of a condo at Wapato Point in Lake Chelan. The back ground is white due to the smoke from the Jolly Mountain and other Fires in Washington State. We are unsure of who this little beetle is but it is approximately 1 centimeter in length. The wing covers from the dorsal/top view are a green/grey color with a couple small spots toward the “shoulders” near the head and a black line down the outside edge.


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Alder Wood Borer in Leavenworth, WA

We found this beetle on an east facing wall while walking the streets of Leavenworth in Central Washington State.  Alder Wood Borers are known to be attracted to new paint.  Their formal name is Rosalia funebris.  It is a member of the Longhorn Beetles family.  They are found up and down the west coast California to the Pacific Northwest and the Rockies.  Alder Wood Borers deposit

eggs on the bark of dead or dying trees and their larvae is bore into the tree.  Additional information can be found at


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Grasshopper near Lake Tapps

This little grasshopper found himself very close to the shore of Lake Tapps in Pierce County Washington where he might make a fine meal for a lazy bass. The formal name is the American Grasshopper (Schistocerca amercana). The American Grasshopper is in the Orthoptera order of insects which also includes locusts and crickets. It is one of the oldest herbivorous insects dating back 250 million years. Grasshoppers are winged but only fly for short periods of time to evade predators. Additional information can be found at