Researchers using malaria-infected mosquitoes to unlock a cure for the disease

Did you know at Stop Bugging Me many of our technicians hold aquatics licenses?  That means if you have mosquitoes around your pond or near a body of water we can help.  Stop Bugging Me Pest Control is the only call you need for all of your pest control needs.  I think we can all

Rats the Size of House Cats Invade the Florida Keys

Rats the Size of House Cats Invade the Florida Keys By Kate Springer | @katespringe You may remember the ferocious R.O.U.S. (Rodents of Unusual Size) in the fire swamps of The Princess Bride. This time time, they’re real — and invading the Florida Keys. A species of invasive African rat larger than the average house

Rodent Proofing your House – Exclusion

RODENT PROOFING Rodent populations will continue to increase in conditions that allow easy access to food and shelter. Sanitation efforts in conjunction with rodent proofing provide the best solution to reduce or completely eliminate these conditions. Below are some simple steps you can take to stop rodents from making your home theirs... Exclusion Rodent-Proofing your