How do bee and wasp stings differ?

What’s the difference between a bee sting and wasp sting? I know bee stingers are barbed and stay in, but what about the poison? For a bee, a sting is all or nothing; the bee loses its stinger and injects a relatively large volume of venom — typically about 50 micrograms. A wasp, which retains

Bed Bugs at Move-In – Reduce Your Risk

If you are a landlord, property management company or hotel operator, your best defense is to have a professionally prepared, written Bed Bug Action Plan which includes education, preventative detection using inspections, and well maintained archives of bed bug activity in your location. For landlords and apartment owners this may also involve a 'Pre-Rental Inspection'

Stop Bugging Me – Roaches

Not all cockroaches are this cool. This is a clip from Madigascar the movie. If the roaches you find in your home or business aren't this friendly, Stop Bugging Me Pest Control offers roach pest control solutions.  We're able to work with you on eliminating harborage areas and food sources.  We have methods to stop roach growth

Commerical Pest Control for Restaurants

Don't let this happen to your restaurant.  Stop Bugging Me Pest Control offers Commercial Pest Control solutions for your restaurant or businesses.   We currently service some of the largest chains and most prestigeous restaurants in the Seattle, Everett, Tacoma and Bellevue areas.  We offer complimentary estimates any many service plans in order to met your

Fleas and Pet Odors in a Vacant Apartment? Here is a Survivor’s Guide

Below is an article written by Stop Bugging Me for the Seattle Rental Housing Association   Fleas and Pet Odors in a Vacant Apartment? Here is a Survivor’s Guide Fleas are on the rise this time of year as pets, the most notorious source, spend more time inside.  The following are some pointers in dealing