Flea Infestation Control and Extermination Services

Fleas are external parasites that feed on the blood of mammals and birds. In most cases, fleas are introduced into the home by pets and other animals.
Flea Removal & Extermination

Our Flea Control and Extermination Services Include:

  • Inspection – A thorough inspection will be conducted to identify the flea species and to determine the conditions that may be conducive to infestations.
  • Treatment – Most of the time, simply using over-the-counter flea products will not resolve the root causes of the infestation.
  • Follow up – Flea infestations require multifaceted treatment plans. Addressing only a pet’s infestation or individual flea bites will not prove effective for ridding your home of fleas. Effective flea control should encompass both chemical and physical methods and should be conducted on your pet, as well as inside and outside of your home.

Flea facts:

Fleas are wingless and are usually dark reddish-brown in color. Fleas can grow up to approximately 4mm and have long legs used for jumping. The telltale signs of a flea infestation include flea bites and excessive scratching by pets. Flea bites on humans are small, unlike mosquito bites, and usually appear in groups of three or four, or in a line. On pets, they are visible through the hairs and cause the animal’s skin to become reddened or even promote hair loss from the scratching.

Avoid flea infestations with these tips:

Keep floors and carpets clean…

Clean and vacuum floors and carpets often to prevent the laying of flea eggs, and remove flea populations residing in these areas.

Protect your pets…

Fleas like to take residence on dogs and cats so it’s important to protect them in order to avoid large-scale infestations and discomfort. Routinely bathe and groom pets, and talk to your veterinarian to find the best flea treatments to eradicate and avoid further infestations.

Keep lawns and outdoor areas groomed…

Rodents are a major culprit of introducing fleas to your home. Take measures to keep your lawn groomed and outdoor areas sanitary to avoid rodent habitation.

Call the flea control experts if you have an infestation:

Fleas are external parasites that feed on the blood of mammals and birds. Fleas can transmit bacterial diseases and they are the most common transmitters of the rare Bubonic Plague. The saliva from fleas can also cause Flea Allergy Dermatitis in pets and even humans. Infants are particularly at risk of this allergic reaction. Fleas can also transfer tapeworms.

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