Common Pests in the Pacific Northwest

Common bug species found in the Pacific Northwest include bed bugs, beetles, cockroaches, firebrats, fleas, flies, moths, silverfish and springtails.

Other Pests

Stop Bugging Me Pest Control’s Pest Control Service includes the following:

  • Inspection – A thorough inspection will be conducted to identify the bug species and conditions that may be conducive to infestations.
  • Treatment – Based on the diagnosis, your Stop Bugging Me Pest Control technician will determine appropriate measures of control to exterminate the particular bug species.
  • Follow up – Written recommendations will be made to correct conducive conditions for bug infestations. A maintenance program is strongly recommended. Our monthly and bi-monthly Recurring Service program comes with the peace-of-mind warranty meaning that re-treatments between visits come at no additional charge.

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Pacific Northwest Pest Control

Bug facts:

The greater Puget sound area is host to numerous bug species. Insects and bugs are typically drawn to areas and homes by available food and water supply, environmental factors and mating patterns.

Avoid bug infestations with these tips:

Keep things clean and dry…

Many bugs wander into homes in search for food and water. Keep areas clean and dry to minimize the enticing scents that attract bugs and insects.

Seal entryways…

Place caulk, a sealant, around exterior doors, baseboards, cupboards, pipes, ducts, electrical outlets and sinks to block entryways.

Trim bushes and trees…

Branches of trees and shrubs should be trimmed away from the home to eliminate bug access.

Why you should call the experts if you suspect a bug infestation:

In order to accurately diagnose a bug infestation and use measures to eradicate specific bug species invading your home, it is necessary to call a professional pest control technician with the appropriate equipment and expertise. While some bugs are just a nuisance, others can carry diseases and cause harm to the structure of your home.

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