Rodent Control and Exterminator Services

Rodents can cause a variety of issues including contamination of food, damage to electrical wires and perhaps most concerning, they can destroy your peace of mind and sense of security when you detect them in your home. Recognition of a rodent problem is not necessarily a reflection of one’s cleanliness. It is a by-product of living in the Pacific Northwest and requires expertise and care to manage.

We Control Infestations of These Common Pacific Northwest Rodents

“Stop Bugging Me Pest Control came out to assess the exterior of my home for rodent activity and to place traps. Went great! Work was thorough and they came out the next week for a free follow up to clean the traps.”

Hannah M.

Tacoma, WA

Stop Bugging Me Pest Control’s Rodent Removal Services:

  • Inspection – A thorough inspection is critical to effective rodent control. Your Stop Bugging Me Pest Control technician will take measures to identify all points of entry rodents are using to gain access to the structure. Without a complete understanding of how the rodents are entering and/or exiting the structure, it is nearly impossible to effectively control the issue.
  • Exclusion – It is much easier to control rodents outside a structure than from within. Once the points of entry are identified, they must be sealed or screened off. This type of repair can range from simple to complex, and should be checked regularly as they can often break down over time. Our licensed technicians bring years of experience and knowledge of rodent behavior, which is important for effective rodent exclusion.
  • Trapping – Once entry points have been excluded, rodents may be sealed inside the structure and trapping will become necessary and much more effective.
  • Exterior baiting – After rodents have been excluded from the structure and all of the rodents that were stuck inside have been trapped and disposed of, your best defense is population control. An effective baiting program will reduce rodent populations on the outside of the home, thus reducing the risk of re-infestation. Rodents will always be prevalent in the Pacific Northwest but with an effective baiting program and frequent re-inspection, you can ensure that your home will be protected from future rodent infestations.

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Our rodent control and extermination services include a thorough inspection.

Rodent facts:

We typically see an increase in rodent infestations during the fall and winter months; however, they can be prevalent year-round. Rodents can pose serious concerns for the household and are a challenging pest to manage.

Avoid rodent infestations with these tips:

Seal trash cans…

Place garbage in cans or dumpsters with tight-fitting covers.

Put good sanitation practices in place…

The cornerstone of any lasting rodent control is good sanitation practices.

Reduce harborage…

Eliminate hiding areas by removing weeds, and refusing piles of overgrown vegetation and rubbish.

Eliminate water sources…

Eliminate as much of the rodents’ water supply as possible. Rats need water daily and mice will drink freestanding water when available.

Why you should call the experts if you suspect a rodent infestation:

Rodents can cause damage to your home by gnawing on materials including plastic, wood and electrical wires. They also present a serious health hazard including contamination of food and transmission of sometimes fatal diseases.

Because rodents are nocturnal animals and secretive in nature, it can be difficult to detect rodent infestations. Professional pest control technicians can effectively diagnose a rodent issue and use proper measures to rid your house of rats and mice and prevent them from returning in the future.

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