Brown Banded Cockroach

Brown-banded Cockroach

Shape and size:

The brown banded cockroach gets its name from the two lighter markings, or bands, that go across the insect’s wings and abdomen. They are one of the smallest of the roach family, only growing up to approximately 14.5mm in length.

Signs of a Brown Banded Cockroach infestation:

Brown banded cockroaches prefer areas that are very warm, with temperatures greater than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. They can be found near warm appliance motors and areas where animals are found. Brown banded roaches feed on starchy foods such as the glue on stamps and envelopes, wallpaper and book bindings.

Stop Bugging Me Pest Control’s Cockroach Service includes the following:

A thorough initial treatment will utilize a combination of some or all of the following techniques:

  • Treatment to all cockroach harborages, cracks and crevices, and wall voids
  • Baiting near roach food sources
  • Physical removal and disposal of roaches by vacuuming
  • Placement of glue traps for additional monitoring

After the initial visit, we will provide a thorough follow-up service included at no additional charge. Your Stop Bugging Me Pest Control technician will inspect for remaining cockroaches, treat any areas of harborage where eggs may have hatched after the initial service, and get rid of any remaining roaches that are still present.

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