Norway Rat Control and Extermination Methods

Norway Rat

Shape and size:

Norway rats are one of the largest rats that we encounter in the Pacific Northwest. Norway rats can reproduce all year long but the highest rates of reproduction generally occur in the fall. Norway rats are very well accustomed to the city life.

Signs of a Norway Rat infestation:

Norway rats are primarily active at night. Because of this, homeowners are usually unaware of their presence until signs become more obvious. Norway rats are typically found in dark areas like crawl spaces under homes. Outdoor burrows, or nests in or near the ground, and rat droppings are indicators of a Norway rat infestation.

Our Control and Extermination Services for rodents and Norway rats includes the following:

  • Inspection – A thorough inspection is critical to effective rodent control. Your Stop Bugging Me Pest Control technician will take measures to identify all points of entry rodents are using to gain access to the structure. Without a complete understanding of how the rodents are entering and/or exiting the structure, it is nearly impossible to effectively control the issue.
  • Exclusion – It is much easier to control rodents outside a structure than from within. Once the points of entry are identified, they must be sealed or screened off. This type of repair can range from simple to complex, and should be checked regularly as they can often break down over time. Our licensed technicians bring years of experience and knowledge of rodent behavior, which is important for effective rodent exclusion.
  • Trapping – Once entry points have been excluded, rodents will be sealed inside the structure and trapping will become necessary and much more effective.
  • Exterior baiting – After rodents have been excluded from the structure and all of the rodents that were stuck inside have been trapped and disposed of, your best defense is population control. An effective baiting program will reduce rodent populations on the outside of the home, thus reducing the risk of re-infestation. Rodents will always be prevalent in the Pacific Northwest but with an effective baiting program and frequent re-inspection, you can ensure that your home will be protected from future rodent infestations.

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