Oriental Cockroach

Oriental Cockroach

Shape and size:

Oriental cockroaches are large, very dark, shiny cockroaches which live in sewers and similar wet, decaying organic matter. They are sometimes called “water bugs” because they come out of drains, and “black beetle cockroaches” because of their smooth, dark bodies. Males are about 1-inch in length, with wings that cover only about 3/4 of their abdomen; females are about 1 1/4-inches long, and have only short stubs of wing pads.

Signs of an Oriental Cockroach infestation:

Preferring cool, damp areas, Oriental cockroaches are right at home in your basement. Whether outside or inside your home, they will likely congregate near sources of water, as they are one of the more water dependent species of cockroaches. Oriental cockroaches in your home are easily identified by the strong odor they give off.

Stop Bugging Me Pest Control’s Cockroach Service includes the following:

A thorough initial treatment will utilize a combination of some or all of the following techniques:

  • Treatment to all cockroach harborages, cracks and crevices, and wall voids
  • Baiting near roach food sources
  • Physical removal and disposal of roaches by vacuuming
  • Placement of glue traps for additional monitoring

After the initial visit, we will provide a thorough follow-up service, included at no additional charge. Your Stop Bugging Me Pest Control technician will inspect for remaining cockroaches, treat any areas of harborage where eggs may have hatched after the initial service, and get rid of any remaining roaches that are still present.

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