Stinging Insects

As you may have noticed, yellow jackets and wasps seem a little more aggressive as the summer progresses. The reason for this behavior is not all that complex but may differ a bit from your standard ideas about what causes this phenomenon. Keep in mind there are differences between the sub species of Wasps, Hornets,

Getting rid of rats.

Maybe you are hearing scratching noises in the attic at 2:00 A.M, or perhaps you see rodents on the fence line of your property heading your way, or the worst feeling is when you find chewed up items and droppings in the basement. All these signs of rodents are alarming, but the question is, how

Autumn Reminder

With autumn here, we wanted to remind everyone of a few important items: Clean/inspect your gutters - Make sure your down spouts are connected and that rain water is diverted away from the foundation of the home before the heavy rains start. Check for leaks - After/during a rainstorm, poke your head into your attic

Katydid in Bonney Lake

This Katydid joined us on the slide at Lake Jane park on September 30th in Bonney lake Washington. The long antenna and leaf like wings differ from Grasshoppers. Jack was enjoying himself on the slide when he noticed he was sharing the toys with the little green insect. I took the photo with my Samsung

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Carniolan Honey Bee

I worked on the bee hive today as I was getting a small amount of rain water entering the top of the hive. The video shows the underside with the vent holes. My hive contains Carniolan Honey Bees which are a subspecies of the western honey bee.  More information can be found at