Rodents, namely mice and rats are creatures that create a lot of disturbance for homes, restaurants, offices, apartments and even in your home.  They can be a hazard for a number of reasons.  Rats and mice can destroy insulation and create holes in your foundation devaluing your home.   Rats can chew through wires causing fire hazards.  And all rodents, rats, mice and squirrels carry disease. 

At Stop Bugging Me Pest Control we use multiple methods for rodent control, depending on the situation presented. Including rodent exclusion, rodent baiting, and rodent trapping.  We even go so far as to clean up after rodents and the messes they can leave behind.  Since Stop Bugging Me is a licenced contractor in the State of Washington we’re able to repair damage, remove and replace insulation, repair and replace duct work, even build new crawlspace and attic access doors.  We strive to be you’re one shop pest control shop.  We serve the entire Puget Sound region including Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, and Everett.  We offer services for residential houses as well as commercial establishments including hospitals, schools, restaurants and multi-family buildings.  Call today 206 749 2847